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This profile's long so my messages don't have to be. I can be pretty bad about getting back to people; only message me if you're patient! I'm a follower of Christ who just graduated from Wheaton College near Chicago. For the next year I'll be in VA, IL, somewhere around the country, or serving in some other country. Among places in the US, I hit NYC and LA where my 2 older brothers live. I'm a fan of road trips. If you haven't already gotten turned off by me saying that I pursue a right relationship with God, this next part should turn a bunch of you off... My Creator, Savior, and Helper is vital to who I am. Most people have a very different perception of God and the world than how I see things to be, so the following might sound a bit strange. While I love spending time with friends and family on the York River, whether it be jet skiing, kayaking, island hopping, or straight up cruising, my heart is in places of desperation where God can use me to alleviate small portions of the immense problems of our world that we far too often ignore. Orphanages and juvenile detention centers in El Salvador and Honduras are just a few of the places where God's blessed me with opportunities to serve. I'm a guy that has a very different view on "success" than the vast majority of Americans. Success to me is to be the most obedient servant of my Lord that I can be. While much of the world is concerned with anaesthetizing behavior that pleases themselves, I am becoming more and more aware of the fleeting nature of such activity. Living a life for the Lord and loving others more than oneself is the best life to live. To do so is to fight for a cause more worthy than any other, and such a fight is a great privilege, not a burden as so many Americans see it. To do so is to live a life of meaning. A meaningless life that does not have eternal implications is like "dust in the wind dude" (Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure). No, I'm not some kind of saint, and am a big fan of straight chillin, especially on the water. The fact is that getting heat rash in India while doing God's work is simply more meaningful, and I pray that I would choose that over the other more and more in life.

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