• Are Feteessh.com Members profiles or pictures censored?

      Yes. When a Member profile is created or modified, the profile must be approved by our Compliance Team before it is viewable to the public.

    • Who is Feteessh.com?

      Feteessh.com is an online Fetish Community and Adult Social Network for consenting adults age 18+ only. The difference between Feteessh.com and Match or Facebook is that we are run by kinksters like you and me, to really spice things up! We offer online hookups for Fetish Dating and Adult Internet Chat with other, like-minded kinksters! Find your fetish soulmate or fetish playmate who shares your Fetish Fantasies.

    • What is Fetish Dating, the Fetish Community and the Feteessh Adult Social Network all about?

      We all have a Fetish that truly turns us on and of course, we all would love to find that perfect someone who shares ours Fetish desires and sexual fantasies. Fetish Dating on Feteessh.com allows like-minded kinky individuals, who share the same Fetish, to hook-up and fulfill their personal Fetishes. Our Kinky Fetish Community and Adult Social Network allows you to chat and mingle securely online with other adults who share your Fetish. Maybe you are interested in trying a new Fetish with someone you meet on Feteessh.com. Arrange a Fetish Date with that perfect someone you meet on our Fetish Community to make your Kinky Fetish fantasy come true!

    • Is Feteessh.com safe?

      Yes, all services on Feteessh.com are confidential and all Feteessh registered members must verify their email address prior to activation of their account with Feteessh.com.

      You must be proactive when corresponding with anyone on the Internet since not everyone is necessarily who they claim to be.Your safety and privacy are priority for us however, we do not run a background check on any Feteessh member and this is something you may wish to do, at your own discretion. We cannot take responsibility for any damage caused to you by your use of this Fetish Community and Adult Social Network for Fetish dating.

      When arranging to meet someone in person for the first time, we highly recommend you do so only in a public place, with other people around. Arrange your own transportation to and from your meeting place and never arrange to meet someone new at your home or place of employment. Never arrange for someone you don’t know, to pick you up from any location. For your own safety, tell a friend or family member where you plan to be, beforehand.

      Always use extreme caution with the amount of personally identifiable information you share with anyone on the Internet. If any Feteessh Member pressures you for personally identifiable information, cease communication with them immediately. Retain that correspondence and Contact Us immediately with the Feteessh Member's name as well as detailed information of the issue.

    • Do you sell personal information to third parties?

      No. Please refer to our Privacy Policy.

    • How much does a Membership with Feteessh.com cost?

      Feteessh.com offers a One Time Lifetime Membership fee of $12.95USD to registered Kinkster Members of the hottest Fetish Community and Adult Social Network on the web.

    • What is an Initiated Contact?

      When you reach out to a registered Feteessh.com Member for the first time or another registered Member reaches out to you for the first time, that is an ‘Initiated Contact’. We maintain the option to limit contact initiations by any Feteessh Member should we decide at our discretion, that the number of ‘Initiated Contacts’ from a registered Member could be considered spam or abuse.

    • Is there any limit to what I can put in my Member profile?

      The Compliance Team at Feteessh.com reserves the right to refuse any Member profile that contains the following, but not limited to the following, such as:

      (a) photograph(s) that we feel are inappropriate

      (b) photograph(s) that contain images of individuals who appear to be under age 18+

      (c) photographs that contain more than one individual

      (d) photographs that contain animals

      (e) personal address

      (f) telephone or cell number

      (g) personal email address

      (h) personal website address

      (i) other methods or other website addresses, to contact you outside of Feteessh.com

    • How do I contact other registered Members on Feteessh.com?

      Log into your Feteessh.com Member account, search for the Member you are interested in or click on the picture of the Kinkster Member you are interested in. On left sidebar, under ‘Would you like to…' click Send Message then, simply type your message then click ‘Send Message’ button to share your kinky fantasy with other like minded individuals.

    • How will the charge for Lifetime Membership with Feteessh.com appear on my credit card?

      We offer discreet and anonymous billing. Contact Us us for further details.

    • Can anyone view my profile on Feteessh.com?

      To increase the likelihood of you meeting your Fetish Soulmate or engage in adult chat through our Adult Social Network to share your favorite kink; visitors, guests and registered Feteessh Members can view all created profiles on Feteessh.com. Only registered Members however, can initiate a contact with you, from your Feteessh profile.

    • How do I update my personal information on my Feteessh.com Member account?

      Log into your secure registered Member account with Feteessh.com, click on My Profile or Settings tab to update your personal or profile information. All Member profile updates are subject to approval by our team of kinksters whose job is to keep an eye on the place.

    • What is the Block List feature?

      When you view the profile of a guest or Member with Feteessh.com, or when corresponding with them from your account, you have an option to block a Member by adding them to your Block List. This means you will not receive any correspondence from those Feteessh Members that you block.

    • How do I cancel my Membership?

      To cancel your Membership with Feteessh.com, send an email to support@feteessh.com and include your Username and the Email address associated with your account. Please allow 48 business hours for your cancellation request to be processed. LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP FEE IS NON-REFUNDABLE.

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